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Mechanical pruning

For quality: go your way

Taille minimale

In recent years machines sometimes replace men to prune the vine. No need to brag the importance about the pruning of the vine in obtaining a quality grapes: this is a key element. Pruning is the most important work of all to get good grapes. This is true for vineyards and also for all other plants. In Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône or Champagne, many vineyards are pruned only by the same man who improves his work year after year. However, manufacturers have invented a machine to prune vines. Why? Officially in order to reduce production costs but unofficially to sell unnecessary tools to winegrowers

Results of experiments on the minimum pruning of the vine

I'm not in bad faith and I participated (Merlot tests) statistical processing of some data from experiments whose synthesis is presented by the Pr. Alain Carbonneau in this document.

If you know a vineyard pruned in this way do not expect quality. Note however the wines you'll enjoy on the spot the wine is often blended and you have to know for sure the percentage of wine from vines pruned mechanically: do not fall into the trap and ask, if necessary, how is traceability.

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