Wine tourism: Observe the vineyard and the winery TO BUY THE RIGHT WINE

Knowing the author

Lopez François, 06-14-58-62-60 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Production audiovisuelle pour sites web&réseaux sociaux

Mission of the website

This site allows to easily evaluate a winery, and provide you with addresses serious where you can enjoy wine tourism and buy wine without fear of deception. Wineries presented in all have a quality control process that uses the least amount of phytosanitary products and meets the standards of sustainable development. Each operation is verified by my care

To promote the passionate winemakers who make real efforts I give you advice or questions to judge the wineries before buying a bottle. The website wants to promote the development of wine tourism, but only among the professionals who take the trouble to make good wine. The website does not broadcast an address to a vineyard that puts tourism before the quality of its wine

A little about me :

A few years ago I got a degree in biochemistry and plant physiology and finally statistics. I spent 10 years in R&D to study the ecophysiology of the vine and its influence on wine, as a research engineer, in various research institutes (National Institute of Agronomic Research, France (INRA), Agricultural University of Wageningen, Netherlands, National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS France, Montpellier National Superior School of Agronomy) then seven years as quality Manager, entertainment for wine tourism and marketingin three winery in the South of France (AOC area). Since 3 years I am to my account.

I created this site to counter the efforts of increasingly clever marketing of wine merchants. These efforts do not stop at simple packaging (a pretty bottle with a nice label), today the best salespeople spend trainings to manipulate their clients (eg training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP), or huge advertising campaigns to make you admit that this little wine is excellent : For example, in the south of France (region of "Grau du Roi") there was a pink wine quite commonplace with no particular knowledge to make, that is, according to the tourists, a supreme nectar...
Large companies that can afford this kind of commercial or advertising employees very expensive are the same who can afford a good place in guidebooks (These guides are living through advertising and even if they do not tell lies, the society that pays the most is always highlighted).

Customers must be aware that for some professionals, the passion for wine is only an alibi for the passion for money. This pdf document shows you clearly what I mean : 10 étapes pour augmenter vos ventes de vin

Fortunately the majority of wine producers are serious, but are not always those who put themselves forward.

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