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Wine tourism at the Cave du Vieil Armand

Alsace Grand Cru, La Cave du Vieil Armand. Grand Cru Ollwiller and its Chateau, late harvest and a surprising terroir. A Cistercian Abbey of Murbach or the remains of the the 1st World War. Exciting discoveries for wine tourism.

La Cave du Vieil Armand welcomes visitors for wine tourism

South of the Alsace's vineyard, at the base of the Vosges, La Cave du Vieil Armand produces Grands Crus, Late Harvest, Selection de Grains Nobles and Cremant d'Alsace. The winery brings together 110 wine growers who exploit 140 hectares of vines perfectly sunny. Then, the wine growers bring the fruits of their labor to La Cave du Vieil Armand. Their grapes are vinified then are turn into a high quality nectar then sold by our winery.

Museum, an educational plot and a path to discover the vineyard of Vieil Armand and the Grand Cru Ollwiller will delight wine tourism.(Contact)

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Alsace Grands Crus

All of our vines are exposed south and south-east, in clay-sandstone, which allows a good grape ripening and optimal quality. The winery produces, vinifies and markets several wines, here are some examples:


Le Grand Cru Ollwiller et son Château

Vineyard for wine tourism

The construction of the first Ollwiller Castle dates back to the thirteenth century, it is one of only two castles to produce wine in Alsace under the name Château. Facing south east-south, it's spread over 25 hectares and has a very long rays of the sun from east to west, sheltered from the prevailing winds. Climate, almost Mediterranean dry and hot, allowing the grapes to acquire all the finesse and distinction.



Zinnkoepfle Grand Cru

Zinnkoepfle's vinyard for wine tourism

It forms a basin, protected by the Grand and Petit Ballon des Vosges, preserving a Mediterranean microclimate. A location protected from wind and rain, a soil calcareous sandstone terraces, flora and fauna native to the Mediterranean or Black Sea coast, rainfall of only 270 mm during the growing season make it an exceptional terroir.

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Spiegel Grand Cru

Spiegel's vineyard  Grand Cru for wine tourism

Ground made of pebbles of sandstone and marl interbedded partially covered with scree and colluvium outcropping upstream. Scottish monks came to evangelize the region in the eighth century. They developed the vines since Roman times and have provided advice to farmers in establishing vineyards on the hill for the greater prosperity of the monastery. It's on these rich lands that was foundedthe powerful Cistercian abbey of Murbach, in the valley of Guebwiller.


Late Harvest and Selection de Grains Nobles

Late Harvest for wine tourism

Mention Late Harvest can complete the label AOC Alsace or Alsace Grand Cru. It means exceptional wines produced according to the most stringent criteria of all French AOC. Late Harvest comes from, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Muscat, harvested ripe, usually several weeks after the official start of the harvest.
On the identity of the grape and its aromatic character adds the power due to the phenomenon of concentration and development of noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea)).

References Sélection de Grains Nobles are obtained by successive sorting of grains affected by noble rot. Concentration makes the identity of the grape more discreet, for the benefit of power, complexity and exceptional length on the palate. This is some true masterpieces.

Numerous awards recognize our wines, please visit our web page Distinctions


Wine tourism at La Cave du Vieil Armand

Cellar of La Cave du Vieil Armand for wine lovers

Cellar from La Cave du Vieil Armand : Unique, offers a wide variety of products and services: open every day from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 12am and from 2pm to 6.30pm. Sundays and public holidays from 10am to 12am and from 14pm to 18pm; except 1st January, Good Friday, All Saints, Christmas (25th and 26th december).

  • Individuals: welcome, consulting and tasting;
  • Groups: La Cave du Vieil Armand offers different formulas for groups with tour and tasting commented.


Wine museum for wine lovers

Museum winemaker

The museum winemaker meets the full range of equipment formerly used in vineyards and in the cellar. Three centuries of local history of the world agricultural and wine are presented. Space for temporary exhibitions. Free entrance.



Pedagogic plot

Pedagogic plot for wine tourism

A vineyard is open to public. It allows the discovery and tasting of grapes varieties from Alsace.

wine Path for wine lovers

Wine path: Wine Hiking

Starting from the cellar, a wine marked footpath allows you to discover the vineyards of Vieil Armand and Ollwiller Grand Cru.


Market "Welcome to the Farm"

La Cave du Vieil Armand hosts a farmer's market with local products within the national network of chambers of agriculture "Welcome to the Farm" every 1st Saturday of each month from 15pm to 18pm.

News of La Cave du Vieil Armand

We will keep you informed of any events.


Wine tourism at La Cave du Vieil Armand

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