Wine tourism: Observe the vineyard and the winery TO BUY THE RIGHT WINE

Dryness of the vine

Browse the vineyards of the south in summer, between 12h and 16h, is not recommended, even on vacation. The sun and the dryness cause loss of quality.

Dryness of the vine

Leaves as we breathe and perspire. But what do they do when it gets too hot, the water stress is high or it's too wet? All these regulations depend on the opening and closing of small holes on the underside of the sheet (the stomata).

The threshold temperature, humidity and the wavelengths are used to activate the promoters of certain genes. This important aspect to understand the action of different forms of driving modes is too complex to be developed here.

Know that the position of the leaves causes many consequences : protection against fungal diseases, water stress less pronounced, longevity of the vines, maturation regular of berries (and therefore quality of the wine), typicity of the terroir cf. article


The leaf is a living being who eats (the contribution of xylem and photosynthesis) and produces all the molecules necessary for its growth and survival. The vine can not get to shelter in case of heat, control of perspiration for the vine is even more important than for us. This is to emphasize that we must not neglect the foliage. Deterioration (discoloration, sting, lesion) disrupts deep the quality.

Some soils, poor water, causing wilting of leaves. The soils most susceptible are those with a low water retention (sandy soils) or those that retain more water because of their structure (the clay, for example). Nevertheless, the young vines, which tend to produce much, may be sensitive to water stress because their production is often excessive. In this case, you must cut some bunches before veraison.

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