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filtration of wine per bottle

The preparation of any beverage request always a certain filtration, even coarse. This is a fairly complex area because we do not always filter for the same reasons and the filter membranes are highly specialized. Here, a coarse filtration with a filter cartridge that removes the largest particles.

Sometimes winemakers only need a few bottles. To enter wines in competitions, to give samples to their clients or for a special order. For all these cases is filtered wine per bottle instead of filtering the entire tank.

There are several types of filters: final filtration, filtration for the stabilization or filtration for the clarification. For each of these filters, the hole diameter varies. For example: for prefiltration for stabilizing the diameter ranges from 2 to 0.60 microns. These cartridges are used in protection of the terminal membrane filtration. The goal is to retain 95% of the microorganisms before the membrane. These are the finest.

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With bad grapes or problems during vinification, it must be filtered so that the wine is preserved without any problems. Instead, the best wines are well advised not to undergo filtration not too thin to continue to evolve with aging.

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