Wine tourism: Observe the vineyard and the winery TO BUY THE RIGHT WINE

audit of the cellar

Observe staff will be revealing

General view of the inside of a wine cellar

Merely permission to visit a winery is a guarantee of good faith. Keep your eyes open because this visit will be indicative of the quality of the wine but also the quality of staff. Signs of recurrent carelessness often announce managerial problems. This implies that the quality that you find this year will not necessarily be present next year. In contrast some signs of isolated applications show that the winery has just been taken in hand and what will improve (without changing its prices too, initially).

The following video makes you visit a winery in the south of France. All these old cellars were built around 1930 and have substantially the same architecture. The cellar of the video is not the best nor the worst, it resembles many other wineries:

Visit a winery

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