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Vatting period for red wines

Why differents Vatting periods

Moût de raisin

The most interresting in the grape comes from the skin and pips. When the grapes are healthy and aromatic we want to extract the most possible molecules. So we let the juice in contact with skins and pips. In this way the contents of cells will gradually diffuse into the juice.

The contact time between juice, skins and seeds is called the vatting period. A short duration of fermentation grape certainly indicates a low quality. why certainly? Simply because if the grapes were good enough, it would be sufficient to wait a few more days to extract its full potential and then sell the wine easier and much more.

The duration of vatting range from 2-3 days to 6-7 days for most wines. The bests have more than 3 weeks of vatting period.

The pictures below present inside a tank during vatting, after pressing and finally empty

The duration of vatting is a key element to know and you should inquire about it when you buy a wine at the property. However, long maceration are often too heavy to drink alone, therefore, they are assembled with wines that bring them a little more vivacity. Yes, but in what proportion? This is an unavoidable issue..

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