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Concentrated flavors of Chardonnay by the cold

This is the kind of operation a few original who shows the desire to improve the quality and finding new flavors.

A special wine of Chardonnay with concentrated flavors by the cold

Selection and harvest

A vineyard of Chardonnay was selected among the oldest and healthiest. We waited the maximum to reach a very good aromatic maturity. The grapes were hand-picked with great care and sorting the lower qualities.

Concentration of flavors in the cold

Just after harvest, the boxes are carefully stored in a first cold at 15 ° C for 24 h. After this time the grapes are moved to a new cold room at 4-5 ° C. They will remain there until the appearance of small deterioration of the skin: in our case 12 days.

Low intensity for pressing

Pressing is of low intensity, leaving only the juice. Indeed, the skins of these grapes have remained too long in the sun and can be the source of the problem of taste and / or fermentation.

Fermentation monitoring

Handling of the juice is made with great care and only by gravity to avoid too much contact with oxygen from the air. We used yeast endogenous (natural) from another vat of excellent quality. Should be monitored closely because the fermenting juice has a very low acidity and high sugar levels: ideal conditions for fermentation problems. We had to stop fermentation before the end (14 grams of sugars / L).


The result was delicious and was assembled with a wine from a young vineyard of Viognier harvested early for acidity.

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