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Publish your photos of the 2012 grape harvest in French and English

Broadcast your pictures of the 2012 grape harvest, in French and English

The harvest is a good time to take beautiful pictures of your work. These photos will be unique for this year and can showcase your wines, your expertise and the quality of materials used.

Specifications to achieve the page

  • At least 4 pictures;
  • For each page photos and videos should be part of the same subject (you can send multiple subjects);
  • The photos will be processed and resized: format your photos should not be less than 1MB to ensure that I can work without loss of quality and add effect "click to enlarge ';
  • I can make videos: If your files are too heavy send me a message I will show you how to send them;
  • The text is not required but it is mostly text that is referenced on search engines, so to maximize your SEO write a few words (if necessary I rephrase your ideas).

Why not show your photos to the world? offers to broadcast these photos/videos on social networks and optimize their SEO (thus the name of your farm) on the search engines. To do so, send your pictures (and videos) to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The page made from your photos includes your web links (to your website, for example) and your adress . After you agree to its publication, will broadcast this page on social networks without you have to do anything.

Examples of topics

Pages must contain only one subject (this is not a story about your farm). It can be related to harvest or cellar, here are some examples:

Press, Pressing of white grapes, Pressing of red grapes , Harvest machine, Hand picking, Controlling the temperature, rotary filter, Thermovinification, Oak barrels, Security measures, Equipment for sustainable development, Preparation of a sourdough, Exclusive use of gravity, regulated tanks... And all other matters that you consider meaningful for your organization

For examples: Carone Wines Vineyards: Grape harvest for Cabernet Severnyi variety or Vendange du Pinot noir au Québec

broadcast your photos videos of the grape harvest 2012
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