Wine tourism: Observe the vineyard and the winery TO BUY THE RIGHT WINE

Buy wine without making a mistake

Do not let yourself more abuse, become an expert

Learn to appreciate wine over other requests to have experienced a lot and have them memorized. It's long and it takes a lot to invest.

A simple way to evaluate and retain the characteristics of the wines will be to associate them with their production area.

VIGNES ET VIN allows you to link the observation of the vineyards, the winery and working methods to wine quality.

In the manner of a learning technique of memory you'll link soil characteristics, type of pruning or vinification techniques with certain flavors or types of wines. Thus, your memory will fix the information much better without the risk of forgetting. Ultimately, this will make you a lover who knows whereof he speaks without being misled by marketing techniques.

The world of wine is not hermetic or elitist

The oenologist, with or without a degree, gives the image of a serious person. Be able to advise on a wine confers an aura of almost mystical knowledge, especially in France : many vendors are taking advantage of this prestige, be careful not to be manipulated

Too many formations teach a vocabulary hermetic only available to insiders. They maintain thus, a club of good etiquette and French high culture. This is obviously of conditioning techniques to build customer loyalty: do not be fooled. Tasters and winemakers, serious, speak a language understood by everyone..

As you gradually learn a very specific vocabulary (but that is useless) it evokes in you a sense of belonging to the community of French good taste and this is highly flattering to your ego. However, if you start you do not absolutely need a very specialized vocabulary. Words like anthocyanins or tannins just want say color and roughness. If you become a specialist in plant molecules you will learn that there are several configuration for these molecules and therefore, at that time, the use of their biochemical name becomes essential . Until then no need to clutter the mind with specialized words.

Wine tourism without being abused

The tendency to oenology, as a hobby during the holidays, was well established in recent years : this is oenotourisme (in French language), or the wine tourism. This discipline gives excuses to travel in many picturesque domains and meet people very friendly. You will be introduced with local winemakers to the loud voice and accent that requires some adaptation. If you do not follow to the letter all the good advice of tour guides you will find producers who do not have standardized communication and have their true roots in their terroirs.

Disconnect the analytical part of your brain and enjoy the wine without thinking. This is the best way to remember your sensations at first. The wine tasting will teach you that what you do not like is the delight of many people. In the manner of a technique for personal development the wine will give you the means to communicate and develop new relationships.

St. Emilion wine tourism,

So, discovering a region through the wine tourism has become an obligatory. Imagine returning from vacation in the region of Saint Emilion without knowing everything about Cabernet Franc or Merlot : does one find good wines locally ? can you find good prices ?

To help you answer these questions numerous training offers you to become a connoisseur in a few hours of lessons, "How to recognize the aroma of wine, its flavors and colors". Many of these initiations are quite enjoyable and worthwhile. But on internet the temptation is great to offer training with poor relevant content but giving the impression to the contrary.

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