Wine tourism: Observe the vineyard and the winery TO BUY THE RIGHT WINE

Deficiencies by leaf discolouration

The observation of the foliage reveals the health of the vine

Deficiencies of the foliage

The foliage can teach you almost everything about status of the vineyard. Damage of the diseases are easily observable (even if it are not identifiable), but the nuances of color are also important.
I'll add little by little documents to identify diseases and deficiencies :

"La carence en potassium de la vigne" élaboré par Agroscope RAC et FAW Wädenswil. par J.-P. Ryser, J. J. Schwarz, F. Murisier,J.-L. Spring, P. Perret et W. Koblet

Identify deficiencies is not always easy and requires experience. We must observe the vine to grow more time to be categorical. Oenologists are often required to give their opinion on any deficiencies or deseases of the vines. However, it is not their real job and without a strong background or aditional training, they are sometimes too much assertive in their conclusions.

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